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For almost 40 years Dino Miliotis has been a driving force in business and featured on Oprah, in Forbes, Entrepreneur and People Magazine. His message, changing the world one person at a time, is his mantra and driving force behind what he now describes as the most rewarding time of his life. A former addict himself, Miliotis describes his journey and road to recovery from a more than 20 year battle with alcohol in his memoir, There Is No Box. The book's immediate success, especially in the recovery community estimated nationally at over 30 million, paved the way for the formation of Foundation Fundraisers.

The billionaire entrepreneur is best known as the inventor of an all-natural insect repelling wristband, Bug-Ban, and one of the pioneers of outsourced payroll. Even after announcing his retirement in 2020, Miliotis had no plans of slowing down. Miliotis is also the founder of Life Without Limits Magazine, and DM Global.


“My claim to fame has always been looking at the market a certain way...Specifically, I see voids in the marketplace, not what currently exists, but what’s missing."
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Our Mission

Fighting the Stigma of Addiction in the Workplace

Foundation Fundraisers, Inc. is an organization providing the gold standard in no cost career counseling and related services insurance does not provide for so that the recovery community can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

 “The opportunity to work with Dino Miliotis to accomplish our mission elevates our team and the Foundation. With Dino on board, I know we will touch more lives, provide more resources, and garner more support than I ever hoped. We are blessed to have him”

“Mr. Miliotis’ unparalled career spans over 35 years during which he established himself as a prominent executive, highly skilled entrepreneur, author, and admired philanthropist. His depth and breadth of perspective provides the Foundation a significant advantage in implementing its current initiatives and expanding its mission of reducing the stigma of substance use disorders in the workplace.”

“Dino Miliotis is a force of nature….his drive to succeed and achieve. There isn’t many among us who wouldn’t benefit from learning from Dino….”

Relapse Statistics

According to Better Addiction Care, (Drug Relapse Statistics and You – Better Addiction Care) the relapse statistics are but a sobering reminder of how fragile the recovery process can be.


“These are numbers we can’t ignore,” says Miliotis. “ Foundation Fundraisers, Inc. is doing something about it–we are facing issues head-on, offering solutions, offering hope, and I’m really proud to be a part of it.”