Life Without Limits Magazine is now LIVE!

Tatum M.


"Dino tells an inspirational story on his journey of life all in an effort to make his father proud not realizing no matter what he did his father was always proud anyway. It's a quick read and very relatable. I recommend to anyone looking for a fresh start, trying to find their way or just simply to be inspired by someone who never gives up and just keeps moving forward through all the ups and downs of life."

RR Bates


"A very refreshing book! I feel most people will be able to relate to his story. Written as if you were sitting down with him talking one on one. Very motivational and inspiring!! Definitely worth reading."



"I generally consume my books on Audible because reading makes me fall asleep. This was not available yet on that platform. I decided to give it a try on Kindle. I literally could not stop reading this book. What an incredible journey Dino has had in his life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in business or who aspires to be in business."

Dutch R.


"The book just strays so far from a regular sanitized and objective list of events. It is much more of a storytelling style. It's like the difference between reading a Wiki article on the battle of Thermopylae & watching 300."

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Dino Miliotis Launches Life Without Limits Magazine

April 25,2022 - EINPRESSWIRE.COM

Billionaire entrepreneur Dino Miliotis announced today the launch of his online magazine, ‘Life Without Limits.’ The magazine is the latest in his string of successful ventures gaining attention. “My magazine is such a natural fit for today’s advertiser, reader, and consumer ” explains Miliotis. “It’s never been done before, so when lightning strikes you gotta act fast.” Life Without Limits Magazine is scheduled to go live June 1st. The magazine promises to offer a unique perspective, stand out, as Miliotis puts it, from the thousands of publications available today.

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